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so yeah, ouch

That was a great loli meet :D it was me, dykestar, pierrotseven, danaeaphreal, and industrialkitty. I got up super early, took the Metra down to Chicago, and set out walking to the Art Institute. This was the start of a long, painful day for my feet. :P Had a cool/weird moment, I was walking along Madison St with "Outro (Like Bees)" by Neko Case in my head, and I came upon this like, large display of a certain magazine (which I can't remember the name of), like there were all these different editions of it displayed in a shadowbox kinda thing, I think on the back of a bus stop. And from one of them, flame-haired Neko Case stared back at me. ^^; And a few paces after that, what should fly at me but a bee? Weird.

So I got there, and I sat reading Lolita (what is this, the 6th time or so?) on the steps. Eventually people showed up, and we almost left industrialkitty because she was late, but she got there just in time! yay! Unfortunately there was a ridiculously long line for the museum, for no good reason apparently, so we didn't bother going inside :( (well, we went INSIDE, but not for the art...) but dykestar worked her magic and got us inside, just to go to the Garden restaurant. Now, the Garden restaurant is one of those places that has a very small menu with no dollar signs on it, just flat numbers. Big numbers. And lots of wine. It was the fanciest restaurant I've ever been in, no lie. I was randomly feeling adventurous, so industrialkitty and I shared the rabbit. Now, I dunno how many of you have eaten rabbit, or how good it may or may not have been, but this rabbit tasted really freaking good. Srsly. And she had the mashed potatoes that were supposed to come with the dish, and I had pommes frites (a.k.a. french fries) and a glass of sauvignon blanc. lol wine. (it was really dry and I didn't particularly care for it, but you know I downed that $7 glass of wine anyway). And then the desserts. Nothing on the menu looked overly good to me, but they brought the dessert tray out so we could see them all, and there was this... chocolate... thing, it was basically chocolate ice cream in a chocolate and white chocolate bowl with some kind of delicious chocolate sprinkles on top, and a biscuit-cookie-thing, and a small chocolate (like, the kind you find in fancy boxes). So you know this fattychan had to get in on that. (dykestar had the same, industrialkitty had the creme brulee which was apparently delicious). At the end of this fabulous meal, danaeaphreal, who has a bad reputation because she tells it like it is but is actually fantastic, insisted on footing the $150+ bill. So yeah. Then we took a walk down to danaeaphreal's work, only to find out that she didn't actually have to come in for 3 more hours. So we went to Macy's, went to H&M, didn't find much, walked down to JavaJava and had tea and coffee and cheesecake and sat down for a good long while. And we left Danae and pierrotseven there as Danae had to go in to work pretty soon by that time. So then there were three, and we three took the RIDICULOUSLY HOT WTF bus down to Water Tower to go to the bigger H&M store. There were rumours of bloomers but we saw none. :( After the other two checked out, we pretty much needed to leave, so dykestar called her gf (I think that's who it was anyway, I didn't ask) and industrialkitty called her mom (again, I THINK?) who also was nice and drove me back to Ogilvie. (While we waited for her, we talked about you, razor_zedge, this is also when she called you, standing under my umbrella :D) And then I waited around there for a few hours and then I came home. And now I am very tired. The end.
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