Miss In Love With Her Own Fate (kyouketsusha) wrote,
Miss In Love With Her Own Fate

at acen

holy shit, this isn't a room, it's a fucking castle :O
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how crowded so far? (the whole shebang, not your room :P )
"They say a man's house is his castle, but this is ridiculous."

......... =P


Deleted comment

Jackie is a strange girl who was very quiet. I'm not at acen, I went to Waldenbooks and scouting out downtown Chicago for a few hours. Should of brought a coat.

Also, wthf is downtown filled with beautiful Korean and Japanese women?
I'll have to drop by. Apparently our room situation has been resolved, but I'd still rather not spend all night crashing at the Sofitel.

Also, I'm sitting outside the SAi panel room. :3
And now I'm in a McDonalds trying not to be sick. Such is life. :/
Chateaus de la Yùî
What, you have internets there?
you were at fucking acen and you didnt tell me >:
you didn't tell me you were going either :<