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All I wanted was for everyone to get along, and that clearly backfired on me.

I didn't do it to hurt you and I didn't do it to go behind your back. I simply wanted the people I was friends with and the people I loved to get to know each other, and perhaps even like each other. The reason I waited until you were asleep was because I knew how uncomfortable being around them made you. I was only thinking of you. If I had invited all of them into a separate room without you, THAT would have been going behind your back. I asked the people who were awake if it would be okay to invite them in and nobody told me no. And you, you never said a word to me. How could you think that I wouldn't listen to you when the whole reason I kept them away from you as much as I could was because I was thinking about YOUR feelings?

I think I'm done.

There will be no more notes. It's last call.
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