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I don't know how I can write about the concert. It was sublime.

I'll just say that you should've been there to see them. Davey was beautiful and resplendent in black with shiny-white earrings and hair all in his face, Jade in a business suit looking solemn. Later Jade took off his jacket and Davey his tie and they sang strip for me as I have stripped for you and it was grand.

I explained the beginning in channel:
<Yui> yar
<Yui> I be back from the warblin' of the pretty birds
<Yui> <Tara|Food> <3 Again, Again and Again <--- also, this is the first song they played
<Tarathene> lol :D
<Yui> it was amazing
<Tarathene> It came up on Pandora and I was al "!!!"
<Tarathene> *all
<Yui> because you know the part where it's the girl saying stuff
<Yui> instead of them?
<Tarathene> I think so, yeah
<Tarathene> I can't get to my mp3s of the album right now :(
<Yui> well I was kinda hoping to hear Jade sing that part cos I'm a hopeless fangirl
<Yui> but truth is he didn't
<Yui> we did
<Yui> the audience, the supplicants
<Tarathene> :D :D :D
<Yui> we all sang back to him "I... want... I want you" and it was so perfect I could just burst
<Yui> and that was *the beginning*

Cities of Night was 1000x better live, and it's amazing on the record.

They played one of the bonus tracks (which isn't on my copy), "Girls and Boys" (Blur cover) which I wasn't really expecting. I was glad they did. They pranced. They pranced and chased each other around the stage, for the love of fangirl heaven. This is also the only point in time when I recall that they touched each other at all (Jade's hand on an outstretched limb on Davey's right shoulder, if my eyes didn't deceive me). I think I squealed with delight not for the first or last time that night.

The songs were great in general, and so were they, but we all know what I was waiting for. They did not disappoint me whatsoever when they played "Semiotic Love" towards the end of their set. The whole show there'd been this sort of light-show shining on them in waves, but for that song they actually had the words shining along them behind and it didn't really matter, most of us supplicants knew the words anyway. We sang back to him, our beauty on stage: who could just resist distant beauty? and we sang back to him, our satellite: hooked on a star / enraptured by the sky / in love with a satellite. He was our voice, reflecting back on himself. I very nearly cried. After that was over I turned to my new acquaintance (I don't remember his name but he was nice and adored Jade, had seen AFI six times, he said) and I told him that I thought I could die then and it would be fine.

They were perfect. It is done. I am cleansed and I feel lighter for it.
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